Note to Self...
 Lynn dear, please brush up on your savvy email skills"!  Thanks a bunch, Lynn

It's 12:50am on May 2, 2018.  I have been wanting to brush up on my savvy email skills for months, but I have yet to do this.  So, since I set a goal of getting my first monthly email out to my clients/members by May 1st I went "old school" and just got it done! It many not have any  cool background color, graphic images or photos  but it has all the info anyone will need to know to learn about what's going on!   

It includes what I've been up to, what the upcoming events are and what kind of classes and promos are going on and coming up!  

My next goal for my newsletter will be for June's newsletter to be a bit more savvy!  

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  1. Kristin Naszradi  10/19/2020 03:52 PM Central
    Nothing wrong with old school. Love that you reach out in any form. 🤗💜🤗🧡Kris

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