5 Things to LOVE About Trying Something NEW!!!

5 Things to LOVE About Trying Something NEW!!!
Are YOU currently trying something new? Have you considered it? Recently, I have been doing a lot of new things. For instance, I learned how to build a website landing page, took a college level business course, joined a “business POD team” challengeand became very close friends with four wonderful, amazing women. I also attended my first of many AFT sessions to work on my mindset moving forward.  I think I thrive on trying new things! I feel the fear and do it anyway. Like a few months ago, I decided to write a book and several online courses! (Say what!) Who am I?!  

Also, last June I met a wonderfulman with a big heart, who had the passion for building “Little Free Libraries.” He calls them “bookeries.” So since I love books AND advocating for childrens literacy, I had a custom “Little Free Library” built, installed, and now I steward it. (I had no idea what I was doing when I began THAT process.) My latest new hobby is diving into the #HappyPlanner world. It’s kind of like scrapbooking a calendar for the year, which is perfect for me!

Here are 5 Things to LOVE about trying something NEW:

1.)  Building Character: It helps you grow stronger and build characteryou know, the things like integrity, loyalty, honesty, fortitude, empathy. You just may gain a new perspective on something you never considered in the past.

2.) New experiences will help you learn more about yourself: What kind of new experience can YOU try? Think about it, but don’t over think it. What kind of childhood things did you like doing that you don’t do anymore? Now, go do it! 

3.) You may stumble upon a useful opportunity: I call this a chance to move your life in a new direction. It just may make you a believer in optimism, if you are a bit skeptical.
4.) Boost your confidence: It will open up your mind, and you many even surprise yourself with your newly found confidence!
5.) Expand your social network:  By trying new things you most certainly will meet new people. or know too many people.
If you are not big on trying new things, please give it a try but start small, and only do one new thing at a time!
“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” — Thomas Jefferson

Why we love the Power of Positive (and you should too!)

Why we love the Power of Positive (and you should too!)
If you find yourself feeling not so positive, there is great news!  There are some easy peasy, lemon squeezy ways to train your brain to become more positive by doing these simple steps...

Note to Self...

Note to Self...
 Lynn dear, please brush up on your savvy email skills"!  Thanks a bunch, Lynn

It's 12:50am on May 2, 2018.  I have been wanting to brush up on my savvy email skills for months, but I have yet to do this.  So, since I set a goal of getting my first monthly email out to my clients/members by May 1st I went "old school" and just got it done! It many not have any  cool background color, graphic images or photos  but it has all the info anyone will need to know to learn about what's going on!   

It includes what I've been up to, what the upcoming events are and what kind of classes and promos are going on and coming up!  

My next goal for my newsletter will be for June's newsletter to be a bit more savvy!  

Mona Farm, Utah

Mona Farm, Utah

I remember being at the Mona Farm in Utah for the first time.  It was July 2018, and a little intimidating. The farm is  so vast and since I went on my own, so I made friends quickly to explore the farm! My focus was to walk through the distillery to see it in action! I also went out to the lavender fields and planted a seedling and of course did a “jump for joy” in the field as well.

A year later was my second time around. I had a clear plan enjoy the land, get grounded. I had a more relaxing visit. I visited the award winning Percherons and Friesians and then took off my shoes and waded in the stream! I also got to enjoy the incoming parade of motorcycles that ride for one of Young Living’s foundations “Ride for a Reason”.
Link: https://younglivingfoundation.org/ride-for-a-reason

My goal for my next visit is to check out the jousting event!! Although the convention is digital this year, I’m holding my memories close and really love sharing them with you!

Are you coming along with me to visit the Mona Farm in 2021?! 

"Looking Glasses"

"Looking  Glasses"
Looking Glasses!  That's right I'm here to blog today about looking through glasses, otherwise know as specs, spectacles, glasses, frames......

My journey started at a very early age with my "looking glasses".  Before the age of 6 I was quite the clumsy one per my mother.  She thought I was just uncoordinated.  I was always knocking things over and bumping my shoulders on doorways as I passed through.   I tripped, fell and generally was unbalanced.  She enrolled me into ballet lessons and thought that might help.  

Then elementary school happened.  In the 1970's they did vision screenings.  After a vision screening they sent home with "A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE" for my parents pinned to my shirt.  The note said, your child failed the vision screening, please get her eyes professionally examined, IMMEDIATELY.  It turns out I was not seeing well AT ALL.  I had a nearsighted eye, and one farsighted eye,and both had a astigmatism.  I remember the day I got my first pair of glasses like it was yesterday!  I recall walking out of the office holding onto my mom's hand for stability.  It's like my eyes were closed, and now I could open them wide and relearn how everything looked!  It was exciting, but scary too.  I remember that I was looking down at the ground and all the details of the sidewalk, jumped right up to my eyes.  Then, looking up at some trees, I could not believe the details of the green leaves and the bark on the trunk!  

I was SO amazed by how colorful everything was, and how beautiful things now looked to me!  I still come to appreciate colors and perhaps that shaped how I "look at things"?!  Over time, my vision improved and when I was a teenager I no longer need to wear glasses everyday, only to drive with.  As I have gotten older my eyes have begun a reversal.  I now wear trifocals.  It can be very complicated for me to wear glasses these days.  I have prescription reading glasses, sunglasses, and glasses I wear every day, ALL day.  

I always wanted to be able to wear contacts.  I gave it a good try but due to my near and farsightedness along with my astigmatism in both eyes, it just isn't possible.  When my children were young, I always wondered if they would have the need for glasses as well.  I was always was mindful about it, and even a bit worried.  My daughter does wear glasses now, but only single vision, and my son has never needed them!  My husband has the good eye genes, so perhaps that helped out with the kids!  I love getting new frames, something I've always enjoyed doing together with my daughter.  

How are you seeing life?!  Do you wear glasses?  
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