Have you ever said this out loud or even shouted it? Have you spent too much time looking for the proper pair of scissors that should be in the kitchen drawer, in your craft caddy or in your workspace?  I can’t tell you how many times I have done this, perhaps thousands of times. We have always had a super busy household, along with running our businesses. We always have some project going on that one would need to have a pair of scissors handy. We have several groups of scissors found in different areas of the house for different purposes. The challenge is that everyone living in the house respect what scissor type is meant to be used for its intended purpose. This may seem excessive, read on to learn more.

The biggest collection of scissors we have in our house are in the kitchen. Here we have two categories. The first is the food scissors. We have several pairs that we use from IKEA as well as several other pairs that we have gotten over time from various knife sets. The second group of scissors are for general use. We keep them in a multi-purpose drawer away from the food prep area. We use these for ANYTHING that needs to be cut such as opening packages or cutting paper to wrap gifts.  

The next biggest collection of scissors are my various crafting project pairs. My favorite for this is my @CreativeMemories scissors. I also have special non-stick scissors for cutting and trimming stickers and things that are sticky.  My favorite scissor pair for this situation is the @TimHoltz version. I also have the infamous bird scissors that are for yarn and embroidery thread. I must mention decorative edge or fancy edge scissors as well. These are the BEST for crafting, scrapbooking and cardmaking, especially with kids. I also have to give a nod to safety scissors for kids.  These are a must when you have a toddler/preschooler learning to refine their fine motor skills and building their muscle memory.

We also have a few pair of scissors in the bathroom. These are special hair cutting scissors. These have come handy over the years! Trimming beards, moustaches, trimming around the ears and getting gum out of hair.  There is also a special bandage scissor pair in our first aid kit, for obvious reasons, they NEED to stay in the kit!
Now we come to fabric scissors…these are the type you want to hide from your family or anyone else who lives with you. Trust me, your family will not respect these scissors like you do.  They will try to use them for ANYTHING other than fabric.  I’ve caught my husband and kids using my good scissors just to cut some random cardboard box or using the food scissors for something other than food.   My most favorite scissors for fabric are the straight cuts, and picking shears from @Gingher, they are the best!

I always keep a small pair of pruning scissors around to properly prune and cut fresh flowers in the spring, summer and fall. I keep these in our broom closet by our side door. We also have a lefty in the house, so don’t forget the lefties.
The scissor solution is simple. Have the right scissors for the right job or project. Also, have a special place for the scissors to be stored or even hidden, so that you always know where to find the pair you need. It’s also best to have several pairs as well.   

What are your favorite scissors and where do you store them? Tell me in the comments below