My Oily Story
I remember when my life was the MOST stressful.  I was working 75+ hours a week in a medical office as well as overflow work at home.  My husband was building a computer business, and we were raising two teens.  I honestly don't know how we got anything done.  It was crazy trying to manage a career, raising kids, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and simply spending time together.   We also had after school activities, dance and sports to shuttle the kids around to and attend.  We were at swim meets, high school football games, hockey games, high school band concerts and pageants.  I've always been an avid volunteer and at that time in my life I was volunteering heavily as an advisor for Junior Optimist club for 8 years and a chairperson for my son's Class of 2010 Senior all night party. 
My stress really got worse and it was presenting other physical symptoms.  This was not ideal for my work-life and home-life balance.  Working with my medical team, we ruled out some things, and identified others.   I had digestive challenges and low-level hormone counts.   I have always leaned towards using natural products for myself,  so with the support of my primary care physician, I began research my heart out on nutrition, and other natural remedies to support all my systems.  I learned I was on the right track but not even close to “all around clean living”.  I searched for several years before I came to learn more about living a chemical free home lifestyle. I learned that even though I was eating healthy, things inside my own home may have been contributing to some of my symptoms...  Who knew?!
For about 7 years, I tried many different diets and over the counter hormone replacement therapies such as Wild Yam Extracts, topical hormone creams and other natural digestive remedies.  In 2016, I ordered my very first bottle of therapeutic essential oil product from Young Living!  I had entered the crunchy world of "there's an oil for that"!  I’m embarrassed to say I stuffed this amazing bottle away in my nightstand, then thought forgot all about it.  About 3 months later I remembered it and said out loud one day “hey I really need to try that Progessence Plus stuff “! All I can say is WOW!  I was hooked at that point on devouring any information I can about theses plant based all natural drops of happiness!
My life today looks much different now. We are now "empty-nesters", and I work for myself now.   We have a “clean” living environment in our home, meaning no chemicals,  To keep our household stocked we mainly rely on our monthly wellness box for some foods, supplements, personal and skin care items as well as oils.  We buy produce in the summer months from local farmers, and occasionally go shopping for paper products like tissues and toilet paper.  We don’t use OTC (Over The Counter) anything.  More recently we joined a delivery service that delivers anything we need from the retail stores. 
The result is… I am healthier, happier, have more time to do the things I love AND so much less stressed!  It sometimes even feels weird.  I see the same primary care physician and for the past few years and at my annual visit, he looks at my lab numbers, smiles and says…”I don’t know what you are doing, but just keep doing it”! 
I enjoy living an optimistic life and hope to always teach, share,  inspire, motivate, encourage and to promote compassion, kindness and goodwill.  I'm a creative mind, a free spirit, and gentle soul.  I believe that everyone deserves to have someone advocating, cheer-leading or supporting them.  

How can I help YOU with your wellness journey?!

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  1. Kristin Naszradi  10/19/2020 03:36 PM Central
    Very interesting story. So happy you found what works for you. Finding what helps you is such a journey and it gives me hope I'll figure my journey out.
    Great story🤗💜🤗🧡

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