My Why...
Why do I do what I do?!  I’m passionate about family, friends and building connections.  I care about people.

It’s coded in my DNA. I really do love and enjoy the time that I spend along side “my tribe”.  I get all fuzzy inside and get in my happy zone. I am very loyal about my relationships, my friends, my business partnerships, family and always my children.

I also thrive on meeting new people, I’m a people person. I feel it helps me continue to learn and grow as a person. I like to be a supporter to help others grow as well.  I grow with every class I teach, every new thing I learn, and each new person I meet.  I hope to always make a positive impact and imprint on anyone I come in contact with, even if it's just a smile.  

How can you and I connect ?!


  1. Kristin Naszradi  10/19/2020 03:48 PM Central
    Very cool. Love that you explain everything so clearly. It is you !! So glad I know you !! 🤗💜🤗🧡Kris
  2. Great "Why" - it shows in all you do! Here's to a healthy & happy new year!!

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