Why we love the Power of Positive (and you should too!)

Why we love the Power of Positive (and you should too!)
The power of positive thinking is a well-known healing force, even within the medical community. There’s a direct correlation between a positive attitude and better relationships, superior health, and greater success. Experts continue to find evidence that our thoughts, both positive and negative, don’t just have a psychological effect, they also can lead to physical effects on the body.  

Advantages of positive thinking can include less stress, increased energy, inspiring others, better overall physical and emotional health, longer lifespan, and better coping skills.

If you find yourself feeling not so positive, there is great news!  There are some easy peasy, lemon squeezy ways to train your brain to become more positive by doing these simple steps:

Observe your behavior, thoughts and speaking patterns. Are you mad, worried, stressed or anxious about an issue? Once you can identify a problem, you can begin working on solution!

Help out and serve others through kindness! Think about others, and act upon your thoughts. This will release your feel-good endorphins, as it will for the recipient of your kindness!  

Treat a friend or a stranger to a coffee or tea, open the door for someone unexpectedly, and give a smile to everyone you meet!  

Spend more time on YOU. It can be challenging, but it’s absolutely necessary!  Do the things you LOVE - put them on your daily calendar. Set your phone, watch, or timer; perhaps read or listen to music; or take a short, brisk walk.

Practice gratitude!  Once you begin this practice and stick with it, it will bring so much joy to you and possibly your recipient.  

Mail a card to someone that needs to hear from you, or call someone you haven't talked with or seen in a while. They will be happy you called, and you will feel happy you did. Who knows, you may even make their day!

Look at what you are eating… you really are what you eat  For example, eating healthy - particularly bananas, eggs, blueberries and salmon, can really boost your spirits.  

Exercising for just 20 minutes a day is the best way to release endorphins, which in turn will improve your mood. You can even just do 3 deep breaths 3 times a day for 3 minutes!  Research has found over and over that taking care of ourselves physically and mentally can influence your happiness and train your brain over time to be more positive. 

What steps are you doing this week to gain a more positive thinking pattern?